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Free Open Educational Resources on anti-Religious movements: Atheism, Agnosticism, Deism and Rationalism
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The Age of Reason

Click on the image or title to read the essay "Tom Paine and Modern Unbelief:"

View a pdf file about the impact of Tom Paine on modern unbelief.

Tom Paine


Tom Paine's Age or Reason is arguably the the most infuluential anti-Christian polemic of all time. Click on the image above to download it as a pdf file.
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Read Charles Bradlaugh's Humanity's Gain form Unbelief.

Besant My Path  to Atheism

Besant, Atheism

Bradlaugh Himanities Gain from Unbelief

Read Annie Besant's classic My Path to Atheism.
To view more classic works on Atheism and related topics click on the above image or here.
If you would like to see some videos on atheism and its related movements click here.


No God slogan


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