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ClassicWorks on Reformational, neo-Calvinist, thought

The following links take you to websites dealing with Reformational, or neo-Calvinist, thought. Many of them provide free online books and other texts:
The L'Abri Ideas Library
This site contains downloadable audio files containing lectures by Francis Schaeffer, Hans Rookmaaker, and others associated with L'Abri  
Abraham Kuyper library
This is available through a co-sponsored project of the Abraham Kuyper Center for Public Theology at Princeton Theological Seminary and the Historical Documentation Center for Dutch Protestantism 1800 to the present) at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam  
All Life is Redeemed
This site provides numerous links and resources to contemporary Reformational scholars and writers. It contains a large number of online publications and links to other websites.  
The Dooyweered Center for Christian Philosophy
This site contains information about the second generation of neo-Calvinists working in the tradition of Abraham Kuyper. It also hosts the Thinknet online discussion group.  
Center for Public Justice
This is a Christian think tank that takes a neo-Calvinist approach to political and social issues.  
The Henry Institute for the Study of Christianity and Politics
A Reformational think tank based at Calvin College.  
Free University of Amserdam
Founded by Abraham Kuyper in 1880, the Vrije Universiteit, or VU, is one of the leading universities in the Netherlands. It offers a variety of programs in English although only the Philosophy Faculty seems to retain Kuyper's neo-Calvinist vision.  
Studies relating to Herman Dooyeweerd
This is a highly provocative site by Dr. Glen Friesen which contains many interesting articles and translations.  
Dooyeweerd Pages
A very useful, if somewhat overwhelming, website from Andrew Basden at the University of Salford, UK.  
Paideia Press
This site contains a large number of neo-Calvinist, or Reformational, books in pdf format.  
Institute for Christian Studies
A Canadian Reformational educational institute and think tank that publishes various books and newsletters.  
Philosophia Reformata
The academic journal founded by Dooyeweerd and Vollenhoven in 1935. Many of its articles may be purchased online from its archive.  
An interdisciplinary journal founded in 1935.  "The subtitle, Bulletin for Christian Scholarship, proclaims its Christian basis, but it leaves room for justified differences in opinion and discussion." Since 2001 it has been available online through Sabnet.  

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