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This section of the Understanding World Religions website explores some dangers in worldview thinking.

Jeremy Hexham The Appropriation of the Dutch neo-Calvinist concept of "worldview,".  

Karl Popper

In The Myth of Framework Sir Karl Popper warns against the misuse of the term worldview as a type of framework that works like a gps system for ideas. In doing so he warns his readers that this is exactly how the Nazis used the term in books like Alfred Rosenberg's The Myth of the Twentieth Century.

In recent years many evangelical Christians and others have taken up the terms "worldview" and "worldview analysis" as a apologetic tool. In doing many believe that they are following the lead of Dr. Francis Schaeffer when he actually preferred the term "presuppostions" to "worldviews."

The problem is that few people realize that these terms orginated as a way of attacking Christianity in early nineteeth century Germany. In his book The Myth of Frameworks Karl Popper presents a strong warning against the misuse of the idea of worldviews that needs to be heeded. Unfortunatly, his work is is only available as a published book.

For a discussion of this issue view Jeremy Hexham's power point slide On Worldviews    
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