Classic works on Christian apologetics
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  The following classic books on the Christian apologetics may be read online:  
  Author Title  
  Robert Flint Anti-Theistic Theories  
    Philosophy as scientia scientiarum  
    Philosophy of History  
    History of the Philosophy of History  
    Christ's Kingdom  
    Sermons and Addresses  
  William Paley Evidences for Christianity  
Natural Theology  
  E. J. Carnel The Case for Orthodox Theology  
  James Orr The Christian View of God and the World  
    The Bible Under Trial  
    The Problem of the Old Testament  
    The Faith of a Modern Christian  
    David Hume and his influence on philosophy and theology  
    The Resurrection of Jesus  
  Abraham Kuyper Lectures on Calvinism  
  Christopher Dawson Christianity and Culture  

Edith and Francis SchaefferWilliam Laine CraigProfessor Joseph Ratzinger

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