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Free Open Educational Resources on Christianity
  Read some classic works on Christianity as pdf files:  

New Testament

Read R. F. Weymouth's The New Testament in Modern Speach. Or just read The Gospel of Matthew. You can download Vol. 1 of William Barclay's Commentary on the Gospel of Matthew as well as Vol 2 online.

Christianity is Christ

Griffith Thomas' Christianity is Christ is a basic work. You can download it as a pdf file here.

Chesterton Orthodoxy

You can also download or read online:
C. K. Chestrton's classic work Orthodox

Barclay Everyday Prayers

William Barclay's A Book of Everyday Prayers

To read the King James, or Authorized, version of The Bible click here or read The New Revised Standard Version click here.

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Christian Apologetics

Christian beliefs
and practice

Christian history

Christianity and
and Culture
Christianity and

Christianity and
other religions

Reformed or Calvinist

Discover the
Christian year
Hear Irving talk about The Christian Charismatic movement To learn about Christian art visit: Artway
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