Classic Works on Christian Philosophy


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  The following classic books on the Christian philosophy may be read online:  
  Author Title  
  J. V. Langmead Casserley The Christian in Philosophy  
  J. O. Buswell A Christian View of Being and Knowing  
  Bernhard PĆ¼njer History of the Christian Philosophy of Religion: the Reformation to Kant  
  Jacques Maritain Introduction to Philosophy  
    A Preface to Metaphysics  
    Degrees of Knowledge  
    The Twilight of Civilization  
  Charles O'Neil An Etienne Gilson Tribute  
  Hans Meyer The Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas  
  Maurice de Wulf Medieval Philosophy Illustrated from the System of Thomas Aquinas  
  George W. Osmun Augustine the Thinker  
  Andrew Martin Fairbairn The Philosophy of the Christian Religion  
  Fredrick Charles Copelston

Medieval Philosophy

  These are in pdf format Volume One  
    Volume Two  
    Volume Three  
    Volume Four  
    Volume Five  
    Volume Six  
    Volume Seven  
    Volume Eight  
  Herman Dooyweerd The Roots of Western Culture  
  also in pdf format A New Critique of Theoretical Thought Vol. 1-2  
    A New Critique of Theoretical Thought Vol. 3-4  
  Peter Steen The Structure of Dooyeweerd's Thought  

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