Classic Works on Christian Missions

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  The following classic books on Christian missions may be read online:  
  Author Title  
  Alan Gardiner Narrative of a Journey to the Zoolu Country  
    A Visit to the Indians of the Frontiers of Chili  
  Lewis Grout The Autobiography of Rev. Lewis Grout  
  James Culross William Carey  
  John Gilmary Shea A History of Catholic Missions among the Indian Tribes of the United States  
  Gustav Warneck Outline of a History of Protestant Missions  
  H. Ritter A History of Protestant Misisons to Japan  
  Edmund Merrriam A History of American Baptist Missions  
  Julius Rchichter A History of Missions in India  
  Eugene Stock A History of the Church Missionary Society Vol I  
    A History of the Church Missinary Societs Vol 2  
    A History of the Church Missinary Societs Vol 3  
    A History of the Church Missinary Societs Vol 4  


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