Classic works on Christianity and politics



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  The following classic books on Christianity and politics may be read online:  
  Author Title  
  Dino Bigonagiari The Political Ideas of Thomas Aquinas  
  Edward Murphy Thomas Aquinas' Political Doctrine and Democracy  
  Norman H. Baynes The Political Ideas of St. Augustine's City of God  
  John Figgis The Political Aspects of St. Augustiine's City of God  
  Hans Daniel Friberg Love and Justice in Political Theory: A Study of St. Augustine  
  Luther H. Waring The Political Theories of Martin Luther  
  John Calvin On God and Political Duty  
  Francis Greenwood Peabody The Christian Life in the Modern World  
  William Temple Christiantiy and the State  
  William Cunningham Christianity and Politics  
  Walter Rauschenbusch A Theology for the Social Gospel  
    Christianity and the Social Crisis  
  Abraham Kuyper Lectures on Calvinism  
    The South African Crisis  
  The following books are available for downloading as pdf files:
  Harry Antonides Multinationals and the Peaceable Kingdom  
    Christ and Consumerism  
    Stones for Bread  
  Abraham Kuyper Christianity and the Class Struggle  
    The Implications of Public Confession  
    Sphere Sovereignty  
    Labour of Love: Essays on Work  
  . McKendree The Practice of Political Spirituality  
  Craig Bartholem Calvin and Common Grace  
  Jan Dengerink The Power of the Reformation in Political Life  
  Bob Goudzwaard Capitalism and Progress  
    Economic Stewardship  
  Groen van Prinsterer Unbelief in religion and politics  
    Unbelief and revolution  
    Selected Studies  
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