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Irving Hexham's course materials:


understanding cults and new religions
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Irving Hexham and Karla Poewe hold the copyright
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Above and below are links to courses, and study aids, created by Professor Irving Hexham. They contain materials that may be helpful to both students and professors involved with similar courses in other places.

Course outlines

Lecture topics

Course readings

The following links are provided for anyone intersted in taking courses on world religions at the undergraduate or graduate level either as a conventional student or by distance education:

Where to study world religions:

Full-time secular Religious Studies courses:


Offers a wide range of courses.

Liverpool Hope University

Britain's only explicitly Christian university foundation with undergraduate and graduate programs in Religion and Theology

Lancaster University

Britain's leading secular Religious Studies Department

Christian Religious Studies and Theology courses:

REgent College

Another Canadian school with a high reputation

Christian distance learning PhD programs:

Greenwich School of Theology

From a financial point of view South Africa's Northwest University in conjunction with the Grenwich School of Theology offers a great deal in terms of value for money. This is a fully accredited program backed by one of South Africa's leading universities with a strong Christian tradition. Courses range from theological diplomas to a PhDs.

Christian distance learning
B.A. and M.A. programs

Religion and Theology courses:


Carey Hall Theological College, a fully accredited Baptist institution affiliated with the University of British Columbia and Regent College in Vancouver, Canada, offers an online course in world religions from a Christian perspective.

An openly fundamentalist school that offers a wide range of accredited online programs from a Christian perspective

Secular distance learning PhD programs:

Athabasca University

This is Canada's, fully accredited, Open University.


UNISA stands for the University of South Africa and is the world's oldest distance education university which has roots in the 19th century. It offers a wide range of programs including graduate degrees.




Free pdf download

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