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The purpose of this website and the related book Understanding World Religions is it to help people understand both their own religion and that of others. On the website there are sections on the various world religions plus information on the study of religion and various other topics. Klick onto one of the links above for more information.
concise dictionary of religion
On this website are free books, audio and video talks of lectures, Power Point slides, study guides, and other resources to help you understand world religions. You can find them by clicking on one of the orange bottons at the top of this webpage.
:understadign cults

The Concise Dictionary of Religion. This book provides the reader with basic information and technical terms about various world religions.


Download Understanding Cults and New Religions in pdf format

Totalitarian Calvinism atoms and ancestors


Totalitarian Calvinism: The Reformed Community in South Africa, 1902-1919
by Irving Hexham (1975).

Download a free copy of Fred Welbourn's classic work Atoms and Ancestors

Religion and Politics in Uganda by Fred Welbourn

MA Thesis East African Christian

Some Aspects of the Contemporary Search for an Alternative Society: Glastonbury by Irving Hexham, (1971).

East African Christian
by Fred Welbourn,


Hear Irving Hexham discuss Understanding World Religions with Dave Rutherford by clicking here or on the photo below:

Dave Rutherford



Humboldt University Religion and theology Library


Watch a Zodervan interview where Irving Hexham discusses his book Understanding World Religions.




Because the majority of readers are likely to be Christians, or people who come from Christian cultural backgrounds, there is a special section with various sub-sections, devoted to Christianity. You can find it here.

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This website was first created in 2011 as a basic website. It was extensively revised to the extent that it became a new website in 2014. At that time new sections of various world religions, links to classic texts, the sections on worldviews and the extended sections on Christianity were added. All texts and graphics on Understanding World Religions are protected by copyright, 1995, 199, 2011, 2014.Permission to reproduce material found on this Web Site must be obtained from the appropriate copyright owner. World religions graphic by Christopher Tobias from Irving Hexham's Understanding World Religions, Zondervan, Grand Rapids, Concise Dictionary of Religion, InterVarsity Press, Carol Stream, 1994.