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African Religions:
Traditional African Religion

Initiation in an Afraican religion

Religion and Politics in Africa

Credo Mutwa's New Dream

CNN on Afrian religions

His Holiness Amos Shembe

Shembe Gathering

Atheism and Agnosticism:
Bertrand Russell- Why I am not a Christian

Hichens, Dawkins, and Co

Hichens on Islam

Hitchens: Christianity is false

Sam Harris

Dawkins on the BBC

BBC: Militant Atheism after the collapse of the Soviet Union

Asian religions:

Why do Asian Religion matter?

Alan Watts: Religion of no Religion

Alan Watts on Buddhism

What is Buddhism

Koran Buddhism

Chinese Religion:

Modern Taoism

True Believers

Chinese religion in Taiwan


Christianity the first 1,000 Years

Byzantium: The Lost Empire

St. Augustine's Conversion

The Hindu Tradition:
Hinduism - 1
Hinduism -2
Hinduism -3
Hinduism -4
Hinduism -5

Hinduism Today 1
Hinduism Today-2
Hinduism Today-3
Hinduism Today-4
Hinduism Today-5

World Religions - Hinduism


BBC documentary: The life of the Prophet Muhammad

BBC: An Islamic History of Europe

Islam: Empire of Faith

A Day in the Life of a Jain

What is Jainism -1
What is Jainism -2
What is Jainism -3
What is Jainism -4
What is Jainism -5

Japansese Religions:
Shinto -1
Shinto -2
Shinto -3
Shinto -4


Judaism inside the Torah

The Talmud

The Birth of Israel

New Religions:
BBC: Religions and Cults

BBC: Scientology and Me

Minority Faiths

Moonstruck CBC 5th Estate

Your Ever Well Wisher or

Your Ever Well Wisher on the
founder of the Hare Krishna Movement.


Special topics:

Baroness Warsi, the British Minister of Religion, and a leading English Muslim, on aggressive secularism

The Queen on the role of the Church in society

Peter Osborne on the role of religion in society

The Study of Relgion:

Wittgenstein and Religious Belief The life of Coomarswamy

Video interviews with the author of Understanding World Religions,
Irving Hexham:


Chapter 1
On Ninian Smart ...

Chapter 1.2
Why write yet another textbook on religion?

Chapter 2
On African religions ...

Chapter 3
Primal religions

Chapter 4
Witches and witchcraft ...

Chapter 5

Chapter 6
Isaiah Shembe ...

Chapter 7
Christianity and Yoga ...

Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11
The origins of Buddhism ...

Chapter 12
Buddhism and belief in God ...

Chapter 13

Chapter 14
Yogic religions ...

Chapter 15
Judaism and Christianity

Chapter 16.1
The Christian understanding if Judaism ...

Chapter 16.2Frank Eyck's pilgrimage ...

Chapter 17
Judaism and Legalism


Chapter 18

Chapter 19
The language of Jesus ...


Chapter 20
Nubia and Global Christianity ...

Chapter 21
The Charismatic movement

Chapter 22

Chapter 23
Prejudice against Muslims ...


Chapter 24.1
How is the Koran different from the Bible?

Chapter 24.2James Dickie - Yaqub Zaki and religious extremism ...

Chapter 25

Chapter 26
Sayyid Qutb and modern Islam ...




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