Classic Books on African Religions  
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  The following classic books on African traditions may be read online:  
  Author Title Download as a pdf file:
  M. Fortes and
E.E. Evans-Pritchard
African Political Systems
  Henry Callaway The Religious System of the ama-Zulu
    Nursery Tales of the Zulu
    Immediate Revelation
    Religious Sentiment in Africa
    Remarks on the Zulu Language
  Marrian S. Benham Biography of Henry Callaway
  Louis Grout Zulu-land
  Josiah Tyler Forty Years Among the Zulu  
  Thomas B. Jenkinson Amazulu: The Zulu, Their Past History, Maanners, Customs and Language  
  Alfred W. Drayson Among the Zulu  
  David Leslie and Willima Henry Drumond Among the Zulu and Amatongas  
  Cornelius Vijn Cetewayo's Dutchman  
  John A Chalmers Tiyo Soga      

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