Classic Books on The Study of Religion
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The following classic books on the study of religion may be read online:

  Author Title  
Herbert Spencer
The Study of Sociology - this is not on religion, but has a great discussion of bias.
Friedrich Max Müller
Chips from a German Workshop Vol. 1;- -Vol. 2; - - Vol. 3; - - Vol. 4; - - Vol. 5
Physical Religion
India: WhatCan It Teach Us?
Lectures on the Origin and Growth of Religion
Anthropological Religion
Introduction to the Science of Religion
My Autobiographical Fragment
Louis Henry Jordan
Comparative religion: Its genesis and growth
Comparative Religion: Its Adjuncts and Allies
Comparative religion: Its Method and Scope
Comparative religion: A Survey of the Literature
Samuel H. Kellogg
A handbook of comparative religion
F. B. Jevrons
Comparative Religion
J- E. Carpenter
Comparative Religion
John Gaines Vaughan
Religion: A Comparative Study
Alfred S. Geden
Studies in Comparative Religion
James Haughton Woods
Practice and Science of Religion: A study of method
James Hope Moulton
Religions and Religion: A Study of the Science of Religion
John M. Robertson
Pagan Christs
Fredric Spieglberg
Living Religions of the World

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