Understanding World Religions
Classic Books on Agnosticism, Atheism, Deism, and Rationalism
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  The following classic works on atheism, agnosticism, deism, and rationalismmay be read online: Download as pdf file:
  Author Title
Paine Age of Reason
Tom Paine
The Age of Reason
Theological Writings
Thomas Huxley
Lay Sermons
Science and Christian Tradition
Science and Herbrew Tradition
Charles Bradlaugh
Is the Bible Divine?
A Plea for Atheism
A Few Words about the Christian Creed
Humanities Gain from Unbelief
When were the Gospels Written?
Theological Essays
Annie Besant
My Path to Atheism
Modern Socialism
Ludwig Feuerbach
The Essence of Christianity
D. F. Strauss
The Life of Jesus Critically Examined
A New Life of Jesus
The Old Faith and the New
Karl Marx
The Communist Manifesto
Thesis on Feurebach
Ludwig FeOn Religionuerbach and the End of Classical German Philosophy

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