Classic Books on Religion and Politics
University of Calgary


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The following classic books on religion and politics may be read online:

  Author Title  

William Temple

Plato and Christianity

    The Kingdom of God  
  Abraham Kuyper Lectures on Calvinism  
  Mahatma Gandhi Satyagraha in South Africa  
    AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY OR The story of my experiments with truth  
  William E. Gladstone The state in its relations with the church  
  Dietrich Bonhoeffer Communion of saints  
  Reinhold Niebuhr Does civilization need religion  
  Norman H. Baynes The Political Ideas of St Augustine's De Civitate Dei  
  Edward Frank Humphrey Politics and Religion in the Days of Augustine      
  Samuel Rutherford Lex Rex  
  Leonard Binder Religion and politics in Pakistan  
  Henry Whitehead Indian problems in religion, education, politics      
  Robert Montagu On some popular errors concerning politics and religion      

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